. 3 Pricing -  Expert clock Repair

Clock repair prices

Clock repair prices vary with the kind of clock and how many repairs are needed to get it into proper working condition. When I repair a clock, I guarantee my work for one year. I provide an estimate before any work is performed on the clock movment. Generally a basic overhaul is all that is necessary to repair a clock. In addition to an overhaul, broken gears and other mechanical damage to the movment will be priced accordingly and the prices will be discussed before any work is performed.

Wall and shelf clocks:
Time only  $50 to $75
Time and strike  $100 to $125
Time strike and chime $125 to $175

Grandfather clocks:
Two weight chain grandfather clock $150 to $200
Three weight chain grandfather clock $175 to $225
Two weight cable grandfather clock  $200 to $300 Including new cables
Three weight cable grandfather clock $250 to $350

Grandfather clock repairs include removal of the movment as well as setup of the clock. Note: Travel time may be extra, depending on the distance.

Carriage clocks:
Note regarding carriage clocks: if there are platform issues this can increase the price by $200 to $350
Time only carriage clock $100 to $125
Time and strike carriage clock $150 to $200
Time strike and alarm carriage clock  $175 to $225
Carriage clocks with calanders and repeating clocks will be priced on an individual basis depending on the complexity of the clock. 

Case repairs are priced depending on the amount and complexity of the work.
NOTE: I DO NOT repair 400 day anniversary clocks.